About Us

Don Wegner - Sole Proprietor

Since 1963, we have been serving consumers with the highest quality cookware on the market. Our cookware is not sold in stores or on the Internet.  We cater to the home chefs who understand and appreciate the finest in cookware.  Our cookware retains valuable nutrients and food flavor for your cooking enjoyment and health in mind. The highest quality in greaseless and waterless cooking.  I also believe in saving people money.  We have very little overhead and we do not have to pay heavy salespeople commissions.

Personal Info

  • 479-685-0158
  • 8134 River Bay Drive East
  •       Indianapolis IN 46240
  • info@diamondcraft.com


Seven Layer Construction

19-9 Surgical Stainless Steel with Titanium that is durable, beautiful, distributes heat evenly throughout the pan and unequaled in efficiency.

Moisture Seal

Engineered moisture seal locks in flavor, nutrients and aroma.  Helps prevent dry, tasteless food.  Cooks faster with less heat.

Vita-Seal 3

3-in-1:  Whistle, Lock and Vent.  The whistle indicates that your food has reached the proper temperature.  The vent setting allows you to release the vapor.  The lock keeps in the moisture, nutrients and flavor.


Please send us any questions or Call at 479-685-0158